Solutions methodology

QINT has over 35 years of combined experience in Information Technology and Quality Management.  Affiliations with various quality organizations such as QAI and the American Society for Quality (ASQ). These efforts are achieved through our solution service areas with such teams as Quality Assurance for creating and implementing standards, IV&V/Test and Evaluation for assuring that the project is being evaluated based on client expectations and Configuration Management for archiving and distributing the final project output.  All of these teams will work together to ensure continuous process improvement.

Service Description


Technical (Hardware/Software) and Management Infrastructure Assessments
QINT will conduct an assessment of the subject company’s current
technical (hardware/software) and management infrastructure and make recommendations for continuous improvement. QINT will conduct this assessment of the subject company’s current process, in an open, collaborative environment.

Project Management Start-up/Shutdown
QINT has the experience and capabilities of setting up a new project infrastructure. Likewise, upon completion of a project, QINT can assist
by offering procedures for a smooth, “wrinkle-free” Project Shutdown.

Process Assessments
QINT feels that every job has a process, formal or informal, verbal and/or documented.  Improving the process requires that the QINT team must understand the goals of the company and have corporate/management sponsorship. Assessment of current process, observation of job functions, baseline current processes, and obtain employee input.

Process Improvement
Our more than twenty years experience; successfully assisting clients across industries and of all sizes; achieve process improvement successes using Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Modeling (SEI - CMM/CMMI) based methodologies.

Quality Assurance
The QA function is a planned, systematic process that assures that desired policies, procedures, standards, requirements, and quality attributes are established prior to acquisition, and adhered to during each phase of life cycle management.

Configuration Management
The CM function encompasses all of the activities concerned with establishing and maintaining the integrity of the work products associated with a given project throughout the project’s life cycle.

  • Systematically controlling changes to the configuration.
  • Maintaining an acceptable level of requirement traceability.
  • Baseline auditing, preparing required documentation and maintenance, and CM measurement.

  IV&V /Test & Evaluation
QINT will provide test and evaluation (T&E) services to internal and external customers as needed.  T&E follows the SEI-CMM standards and the methods of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

QINT training area is focused on development of the skills and knowledge of individuals so they can perform their roles effectively and efficiently.

  • Identifying the training needed by the organization, projects, and individuals.
  • Provide training in the identified areas.

QINT technology area is focused on the following but not limited to;

  • System Engineering
  • Software Engineering (Application/Software Development, implementation and support) including Database and Web application development and support.
  • Information Systems and Services
  • Network Design, Implementation, Integration, and Maintenance, End User training
  • Helpdesk and Technical support services
  •  Email message system design, implementation maintenance and support
  • Information Security design and Implementation
  • Facility Management and Support
  • Low voltage design and development