QINT a technology and management infrastructure solution provider is a business consulting firm which specializes in Process Management, Change Management, Quality Management, and Technology Management.  Our company is built on the principles of providing customer focused, solutions oriented, and high quality consulting services to our clients. We believe that our business culture must operate on the basis of continuous improvement, adaptability to the changing domestic and global work environment, and our most valuable asset is our team members working toward a collective goal. We respect our customer with being open and honest with our business analysis. This will allow us to demonstrate our everlasting appreciation for selecting and intrusting QINT to handle their business needs.

Our management beliefs are to Manage Toward Results - define the results you hope to achieve, Manage by Processes - ensure that there are appropriate processes in place to meet the desired result, Manage by Facts - ensure that specified results are quantitative and the processes provide quantitative data, and Manage Continuous Improvement - improve processes to enable users to meet management expectation and make the processes more efficient