A teChnology and management infrastructure solution provider

A technology and management infrastructure solution provider a business consulting company. Our company is built on the principles of providing Quality Service, Innovative solutions, and using technology to help our customers succeed.

Our Commitment

We believe that our business culture must operate on the basis of continuous improvement, asset is our team members working toward a collective goal. We respect our customer with being open and honest with our business analysis. This will allow us to demonstrate our everlasting appreciation for selecting and intrusting QINT to handle their business needs.

modern technology

QINT knows that the flow of information and knowledge must travel in the same direction in order for a company to truly achieve the benefits of quality and improvements. The technical and management infrastructure can only benefit from one another if treated as one entity working together instead of two separate parts. Technology is the supporting backbone of management and management needs create a demand for technology, hence the two are interwoven through out the organization structure for maximum results.